Fully stocked and user friendly washrooms

Ensuring that your washrooms are always fully stocked, can minimise loss in efficiency and help to keep your premises hygienic.

It is important that cleaning products work well, are cost effective and are eco-friendly. Moreton Services Group selects consumables with the same care with which the team clean, with consideration for the environment and your budget. By ensuring that all suppliers comply with an Ethical Trading Policy and by partnering with a leading biotechnological cleaning company, you can be assured that products and suppliers are chosen with care.

  • Air Fresheners: solid, airborne and automatic
  • Soap and detergents that are kind to skin but hard on germs
  • Cloths and wipes for thorough cleaning of all surfaces
  • First Aid kits and supplies, so you are always prepared for accidents
  • Cleaning products that are selected for their efficiency, price and eco-credentials
  • Quality paper tissues and towels from sustainable sources.