Daily Cleaning

Regular cleaning with minimal disruption

The best way to keep your business clean and hygienic is to schedule in regular cleaning, but you want to do this with minimal disruption to your working day.

As a Moreton Services Group client you can be assured that a cleaning schedule that suits your business is implemented. From full store cleans in the early hours before your retail units open, to evening cleans after office hours, and everything in between, you can rely on Moreton Services Group to create the optimum environment for your colleagues and customers. If you prefer to have somebody present throughout the day to keep on top of issues as they arise, we can offer that too.

To ensure you’re always getting the highest standard and the best value cleaning service, Moreton Services Group are constantly looking for new equipment, the latest techniques and more eco-friendly products. From using chemical free spray cleaners, to technologically advanced equipment, Moreton Services Group is always innovating to provide you with a better service.

Flow cleaning

In larger buildings and spaces you want to ensure that it is cleaned to the highest standards in a professional and cost–effective way.

Flow cleaning is the best way to utilise time and personnel to get results in the most efficient way. This is the name Moreton Services Group uses to describe the process of cleaning operatives moving as one team around the building, each tackling a different element, to save time, money and energy.

In the first instance Moreton Services Group specialists will map the layout of your building using the kaizen system, and then they will compose a plan of the most efficient route for the cleaning operatives to take. To implement the plan the operatives work in teams, moving throughout the building one area at a time, each performing a complementary role until that area has been cleaned. An additional benefit of working in this way, is that once an area is completed the lights can be switched off, helping you become more environmentally friendly, and saving you money.