Pest Control

Safeguarding your business

Pest infestations can cause an array of problems, from the obvious health and safety implications to loss of stock, risking the reputation of your business.

By proactively managing potential causes you can minimise the risk to your employees, customers, assets and property. Moreton Services Group’s national network of commercial pest control technicians will work alongside you to ensure pest free conditions, using humane and environmentally friendly products and processes.

Services tailored to your business

Moreton Services Group is committed to working with you to fully understand the specific challenges you face and how your business works, so the experienced team can tailor their offering to your individual needs.

Ensuring that you receive a transparent service that is right for you. Moreton Services Group only uses innovative market leading methods in pro-active pest control, and is confident its technicians will provide you with the right advice and recommendations – so much so that the initial environmental assessment is free of charge.

Industry experts

A proven track record of expertise in dealing with all forms of pest challenges, means you can be confident in choosing Moreton Services Group as your pest control partner.

Freeing up your time to concentrate on the day to day running of your business, safe in the knowledge that a professional pest control company is taking the necessary steps to minimise the risk of any pest infestation that may affect your employees, your customers or the integrity of your brand.

Our specialist technicians provide the following services:

  • Rodent monitoring and control to avoid an infestation, damage or health risks
  • Insect monitoring and control to discreetly keep your premises free from crawling, biting and flying insects
  • Bird control and bird proofing using the latest technologies
  • Bed Bug control using unique, innovative and proven techniques
  • Insect identification services, essential for effective removal
  • Safe and efficient fumigation
  • Independent pest control technical audits